Boho Meets Luxury Amongst a Lavender Field

It has been a while since I’ve posted anything on my website. Of course, that means Slick Little Bride has been very busy making wedding dreams come true, which in turn, has left me very little time to do anything else aside from posting a few pictures on Instagram for your enjoyment (

So I figured, what better way to reconnect than taking advantage of a brutally cold, New York day in which I am forced to stay home?

I received this gorgeous styled shoot from friends at in collaboration with famous wedding dress designer Maggie Sottero and Nicole Spose, it is so gorgeous I just couldn’t resist sharing it.

For the past few years, bohemian style weddings have taken the industry by storm, mainly because they allow you to have a relaxed, beautiful event without breaking the bank. The only problem is, without creativity, every wedding starts to look the same.

I love the merge between boho-chic and lux on this photoshoot because it elevates the rustic concept while bringing a luxurious aesthetic,  and it can be played with to reflect your personal style.


Aereal shot of tablebouquetdres-mainglassInviteHere comes the brideMaccarons in tableMaccaronscouple2FGflowie dressSkullIviteslavender fieldReceptionboutonierreception3reception4more decorromantictender couple



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