Help! My Bridesmaids Can’t Agree on a Dress.

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Hello again!

Today I was talking to a bride who was telling me how frustrated she felt after going shopping for her bridesmaid’s dresses (without me of course!). She mentioned how excited she had been with the idea of spending a day of fun shopping with her besties until she quickly realized what a nightmare it was turning out to be in reality.

Since she has a large bridal party (all different sizes!), the challenge is to not only find dresses every girl would like, but also a style that would look good on so many different body types… double yikes!

Today I want to dedicate a post to help you easily conquer such a quest:)

Consider an Interchangeable dress:

I love the idea of being able to wear the same dress in tons of different ways. Kudos to the genius mastermind behind the brand Two Birds for thinking of such a concept: Choose one style dress and each girl can customize her own neckline to best flatter her bust, shoulders and personality…brilliant!

two birds 2Two brids3tow brids 3


Here’s the same idea done by Jenny Yoo in a lighter fabric-You can even mimic this concept and have your girls wear different shades of a color to best suit their skin tone…gorgeous!



Another great idea is to choose a brand  which would allow you to pick different styles in the same fabric and color. This way your girls can each choose a different dress altogether and still look cohesive as a group-win-win

Loving these J.Crew short dresses…


Or these Jenny Yoo ethereal pieces:


My last word of advice would be to just let loose and have fun with it. This bridal party on Style Me Pretty got it right, all different dresses in different shades of blush, a stunning bridal party and I am sure a pretty happy bride 😉



Think this is all too hard to figure out? Shoot me an e-mail for a free consultation:

Until next time my gorgeous girls.

♥ ♥ ♥ Anadina


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