Got Curves? 5 Secret Tips To Rock ’em Your Trainer Doesn’t Want You To Know

Ever wonder why celebrities of all shapes and sizes look so amazing on the red carpet? 

I see too many brides starve themselves to misery hoping to drop even just a few pounds to look like a star on their own white carpet.

The truth is: You don’t need to be a stick figure to rock a gorgeous wedding dress, and you certainly don’t need to go hungry girl!

Today I want to share with you some styling tips trainers and wedding boot camps don’t want you to know. 

Secret trick #1: Use vertical or asymmetrical draping and corsets to show off the smallest part of your torso.

Oscar-winning actress Octavia Spencer is both showing off her small waistline while creating a taller, leaner look by using draping on the first two looks, and corset top with an A-line skirt on the last one.


Secret trick #2: Use a belt or sash to create a small waistline curve.

This picture by Lark Photography shows a bride looking absolutely stunning while rocking a beaded sash on her natural waist. This is a great way to give the appearance of a smaller torso and longer legs…well done!


Curvy bride pic- Larks photo credit (2)


Secret trick #3: Balance your torso and hips by wearing  a flirty cap sleeve.

This dresses by Roz La Kelin have it spot on. You can do a romantic loose sleeve or a cap sleeve, either way, is just as gorgeous.



Secret trick #4: Wear an illusion or sheer piece instead of just strapless.

This is an amazing trick because it allows you to rock the look of a strapless gown while avoiding the nightmare of finding the right strapless bra. I have advised some of my brides to be comfortable and wear a regular bra with see-through plastic straps under a dress with an illusion top and it works like magic!

I love how gorgeous this bride from Pretty Pear looks, picture by  Jennifer Demo Photography, and I adore the belted dress by Callista.


Secret trick #5: If you’re going to wear a veil, let it be a long one.

I don’t know why so many curvy brides are afraid of long veils…”Too much fabric” they say. But I want you to trust me on this one:  A long sheer, beautiful veil will do wonders elongating your body which in turn is very flattering, not to mention SUPER romantic!

Sigh…this bride from Pretty Pear looks like a true princess…just gorgeous!

Pretty Pear bride

Think this is all too hard to figure out? Shoot me an e-mail for a free consultation:

Until next time my gorgeous girls.

♥ ♥ ♥ Anadina


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