5 Survival Tips Every DIY Bride Must Know





So you thought planning your big day would be a walk in the park huh?

All the hype about hiring a wedding planner seemed crazy, and you were going to prove everyone else wrong. In addition, of course, to your full-time job and maybe even moving in with your fiancé …easy, right?

If you still feel this way then I am guessing you either: a) just got engaged or b) have been procrastinating and done no planning whatsoever; otherwise, you would already know how stressful and grueling planning a wedding can be.

Instead of having fun with your cute Pinterest ideas and shopping happily with your friends, you end up arguing with irresponsible vendors, stressing over the skyrocketing budget, fighting with your family and friends, stressing over your dress and obsessing over the seating chart…and that’s just naming a few.

It’s no wonder so many brides end up losing close friendships and even compromising their future marriage…but It doesn’t have to be this way! 

Today I am sharing a few little secrets to help you stay sane AND keep your relationships intact.


1- Get a wedding planning App! Or a binder

FullSizeRender (9) (2) 

I use this awesome app called WeddingHappy and I love it.

It allows you to keep track of tasks to be completed, it has a wedding countdown calendar, and it even helps you locate wedding vendors in your area. The best part is that it’s free!

If you are using a binder, then separate a section for each vendor and keep contracts, notes of things agreed on, sample pictures, etc. I also love keeping wedding countdown calendar here, something about seeing the big picture in front of me, helps me keep the stress level to a minimum.


2- Send an e-mail to each one of your vendors with a list of things you’ve agreed on and specifying your expectations for the wedding day.

Many brides take this one for granted, until the wedding day when the vendor delivers the wrong color flowers or the cake is missing your initials, then it’s too late to fix it.

I recommend always confirming any verbal agreements in writing so nothing gets lost in translation, just because you conveyed your vision during your consultation, doesn’t mean the vendor is on the same page as you!


3- Hold on to EVERY single receipt and SAVE money!  

Did you know that some wedding purchases are tax deductible?

YES! For example, booking a historical venue can be tax deductible depending on the place and where you live. You can also donate your leftover items to the Salvation Army and get a tax write-off.

Check out this link for more ideas: blog.turbotax.intuit.com/tax-tips/6-tax-write-offs-for-your-wedding-5133/



If you think for a second that your sister or best friend will stop enjoying the wedding so they can run around and deal with last minute issues, then you’re in for a surprise. Unless you hire someone to take over on the big day, you will be the one handling everything yourself, and that includes clean up. I’ve seen many brides ruin their big day this way and all the efforts of so many months gone down the drain.

The best thing you can do is to hire a planner for one day. They will direct vendors where to set up (no matter how many meetings prior you have, they ALWAYS need direction), make sure things get delivered as you approved, finalize payments, control unruly guests, and bridal party, put out fires so you can enjoy your day in bliss not even knowing what took place behind doors.

Need more info? Check out our “Fabulous services” page and let us help!


5- Don’t sweat the small stuff

I get it, it is the most important day of your life and you are afraid of what people may think, but keep in mind that there is only so much you have the power to control. You are dealing with humans, not programmable robots (I wish!), therefore, somewhere down the line, someone will make a mistake or forget something…it’s human nature. 

So just embrace it, have fun and I’ll leave you with this last thought:

Your wedding only lasts a few hours which most brides remember as a blur, but the one part you will always remember is planning it, so make it count!

♥♥♥ Love, peace and a happy marriage,



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