Make It Or Break It- Accessories Guide

Not sure how to accessorize your bridal dress? Send me a picture! I will be happy to help!

Accessories are SUPER important to finish a bridal look. They can help make your dress a unique staple of your personality or ruin it entirely. I swear, I have seen the prettiest dresses completely killed by horrible, mismatched accessories. Girls, PLEASE, wearing long earrings, a heavy necklace, a big bracelet, veil, sash and a big bouquet of flowers all together is not pretty! and anyone who told you it is, LIED to you. Here is a simple, can’t-go-wrong-guide:

1-Compliment, don’t contradict:  Your accessories must reflect the style and vibe of your wedding. For example: modern and boho don’t go together, so you wouldn’t wear an earthy feather necklace together with a fashion forward dress. 

2-Don’t overkill: If wearing a heavy necklace, go small on the earrings and vice-versa. A beaded sash is an accessory, so you may want to go simpler on earrings and necklace (I prefer long earrings ONLY when wearing a beaded sash) Remember: wearing too many accessories is beyond tacky.

Boho – Ethereal Dress = Organic, Free-Spirited Accessories

Dress by Daughters of Simone


Bracelet and necklace above by my new fav line: 

Modern, Fashion Forward Dress = Minimalistic, Clean Lines

Adriana Orsini at Saks Fifth Ave
Tia Mazza Bride
Angel Sanchez Fall 2015

Retro Glam = Vintage Inspired Accessories

Again, loving these accessories by: SUPER affordable!


Jenny Packham Fall 2015
image Love!   

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