Put Your Foot Down And Let Your Wedding Be YOUR Wedding

The fashions you choose for yourself and your bridal party should reflect YOUR taste, not your friend Marys or your aunt Barbaras.

It can be so fun to take close ones to the appointment, hear their opinions, points of view, while you bond and laugh sipping on champagne.

The part I have issues with is when someone thinks it’s ok to tell you not to wear the dress you LOVE based solely on their personal taste.

It’s different if an opinion is objective like “that neckline is not the most flattering on you, let’s try v-necks instead, or that color is a bit much for your skin tone, etc. But saying “Don’t buy that dress because I don’t like it” is just not ok in my book.

We all have different opinions of what the bride should look like, after all, we all dress differently, don’t we? So if you let everyone determine your wedding fashions, then you might as well wear 100 dresses in order to please every single one of your guest.

Today I’d like to celebrate all the fearless brides out there. Those who have put their foot down to defend their vision of a perfect day. In the end, whether she is wearing a dress that is your style or not, we all have to agree, every bride is beautiful in her own way, so PLEASE, show that bride your love by personifying the motto: “Live and let live” 

This bride wore cowboy boots to go with her barn wedding. It was a true reflection of what this couple is all about…kudos to you! Photo: http://www.sherrysutton.com
sherry fotot 3
Purple dresses with bright orange, not usually a color combination I would go for, but it worked for this bridal party…gorgeous! Kudos to this bride for sticking to her vision Photo: http://www.sherrysutton.com

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