Wedding planning nonsense left you feeling rebellious? Stick It To The Man, BRIDAL STYLE

In case you were wondering, the name Slick Little Bride came from my obsession to help brides outsmart the wedding industry.

Photo by Wedding Wire

It’s easy to get confused in a world of endless possibilities and biased opinions. Some industry vendors (not everyone, relax:) take advantage, because you want your wedding day to be perfect. This is also when you second-guess every idea, and start to feel insane.

Well, I’ve never been a person to shy away from stirring the pot, so in accordance to my rebellious nature, I will be posting “Stick It To The Man, BRIDAL STYLE” advice, I mean, someone has to be in YOUR corner, right?

Let’s explore the ugly in bridal so when you hit those stumbling blocks you will be prepared and NOT become (PLEASE!) a Bridezilla out of frustration…Yeah, I know, you are thinking you won’t be one of those but TRUST ME, with the right combination of stress, we ALL have Bridezilla potential.

Stick It To The Bridal Man Eye Opener #1

Whomever told you that expensive always means better LIED to you.

I once had a bride ask me immediately after introducing herself, to show her the most expensive bridal dress out there. She did not care about style nor color or fit, she could have looked like a giant bird in that dress and it wouldn’t have mattered. All she cared about was wearing something super expensive so that her “perfect” day would be truly perfect.

Allow me to enlighten you:

1- Some designers jack up the price on their garments just to make them seem more luxurious, but if you look closely at the label, you will discover the awful truth: polyester blends made somewhere outside of USA with often glued-on accents like beadwork and lace appliqués.

I have seen dresses with a retail tag of thousands of dollars and quality that leaves a lot to be desired. So the “perfect luxury” dream that you are trying to achieve by caring more about the price than the garment itself, is often a fluke…WAKE UP

Solution: Focus on designers that reflect your personality and taste and stop second-guessing the price tag. Sometimes smaller designer houses retail for less because they are trying to get their name out there, and often, those same designers treat their garments with great integrity and care.

2- Other than your close family members (and maybe your best friend) NO ONE CARES how much you spent on that dress. And the only one who will have the classless nerve to ask you how much you spent, is your jealous friend (and she’s probably more like frenemy if you asked me)

This bride looks stunning in her dress. I don’t know how much she paid for it and I honestly don’t care…fit is everything! Photo by Sherry Sutton:

All everyone cares about is how pretty you look in your dress…period. I honestly have seen brides looking better in a well fitted, less expensive dress, than others who have spent a fortune and didn’t quite get the fit right.

Solution: Don’t assume anything! Pay close attention to way a dress fits your body before purchasing it, and be very specific when asking alterations questions. For example, if a wrinkle on the waist bothers you, ask the consultant if that will go away in your size, sometimes it doesn’t …remember, fit is EVERYTHING!

Stay tuned for more rebellious advice and remember to HAVE FUN planning your big day!


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