Petite Princess? Yes please!…5 tips to make you look taller

I hear it all the time from petite brides: “I won’t find the right dress because of my height”

While this is a valid concern (after all, those models on the runway are like towers!) You need not to fear and no need to settle!

You can be a princes too my petite bride. The key is to find silhouettes that will elongate your frame and trick the eye to give you a taller appearance.

Try these magic-eye-tricking tips:

1-Consider a natural waist corset and empire styles.

I personally love this trick because it brings the eyes to the highest, smallest part of the waist, giving you a leg for days look!

Sighhhhh…this Paolo Sebastian little number is just perfection. Loving the delicacy of the top, perfect for a petite bride with a fashion edge!

2- Stay away from bulky straps and covered up necklines.

  • By keeping your neck open, you will create the appearance of a longer torso. Consider strapless, spaghetti straps and delicate illusion necklines.
Gorgeous and classic A-line by Watters


3- Meet your new best friend: A-lines

A-lines come in all grades, from very puffy to fitted. Choose one that best suits your style. For example: consider a true A-line if you crave the princess look.

Too much fabric will swallow you making the focus on that ginormous dress rather than you, so stay away from heavily pleated ball gowns

Stephanie is 5’3″ but looked tall and gorgeous in this assymetrical mermaid gown and long mantilla

4-Look for dresses with vertical or assymetrical seams

Princess seams are vertical, hence a nice way to create a taller.

Asymetrical lines bring the eye up, good stuff!

5-Lastly, whatever you do, DO NOT WEAR really short veils. Try on a simple long veil instead.

Short veils tend to look cutesy on a petite bride and can look like a communion get-up so stay away! Fingertip veils are also tricky because they bring the eye mid-thigh shortening your frame all together!

Apply these tricks when shopping and you will be the most gorgeous bride out there!

Have fun;)


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